Everyone Is Beautiful

I made this video earlier this month in a little Ozark town called Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I originally wrote the first half of this song two years ago and just forgot about it.. Then one day a few months back (while I was astral projecting through the haze of the blood moon)the melody came to me and just clicked with me so I finished it and decided  after a few listens that it would be the single to my next album. I have a lot in mind for the ‘Everyone Is Beautiful’ concept and have already started getting them in the works..

I would say my

main goal

with this idea is to

instill in everyone that

Everyone has beauty in them..


and when you take away the magnifying glass

everyone seems to look more alike,

and act more more like..

Because we are all mostly alike..


When you see snow falling outside the window you don’t pick out which flakes are the prettiest because you can’t tell unless one single one drops in a perfect way..no..They all look the same and all fall the same way and end up creating something bigger which in turn is just all called snow..

So I want to shine a light on all the aspects of beauty,


as well as UGLINESS,


to show you..

Even ugliness in a lot of ways is beautiful as well..


There’s a reason why in every religion the positive is the main leader and the evil is the rebel..created by the positive..It’s because evil only goes so far, to where positivity is always right there waiting to pick up the pieces.


Time to wake up the positive light in people,










#EIB Week 2

I want to thank everyone who has participated in this idea so far, it seems to really be kicking off quite well actually, and it definitely inspires me to keep this going. I’ve spent the great amount of this past year really concentrating on this subject and every time I’m tested on whether maybe everyone isn’t beautiful and there is bad and horrible people to the core out in the real world or what if I truly am ugly lmao, I can always break it all down to one single atom, and that one atom is beautiful. As cheesy as it seems to be coming off, I believe it’s because how simple the thought actually is. I’m not asking you to forget the bad side of humans and life, because that would just be blinding ourselves to a fact, but more so understand it’s there in everyone, that everyone has their own balance of things, and to have the muturity and know how to handle those people and things the way it should be handled. We all know some people negativally judge what they do not understand or know to be a norm in their life, and we can’t stop anyone from doing that, but we can change how we react to it. I believe saying, “Oh just give them the cold shoulder and act like it doesn’t hurt you” is a quick fix to a bigger problem. If you embrace who are are truly then when someone throws some negativity at you, it’ll literally bounce off of you because you won’t let it bother you. If it does bother you, accept that persons opinion but know that it is only that. Someone is judging you because they don’t understand you. Really? Someone not being able to understand someone elses life because it’s not their own?!? That really happens?!?!


Since I was 14 I’ve been battling acne. Tried everything from low prices to high priced creams, scrubs, pads..you name the acne fighting product I’m sure I’ve tried it. Went through all off high school just all up and broke out, would spend what felt like night and day trying to get rid of the break outs and on to a clear face…What a process..Eventually after years of caring..then not caring..then caring again..I’ve just embraced that this happens from time to time, I am a clean person for the most part and always have been. showering regularly..all that basic human grooming nonsense. So why was this happening to me? Shit i don’t know, and honestly I’m doing alright otherwise so let it be right? I’ve gotten to the point to where I can keep it under control for the most part but still do have the occasional WTF breakout..Been on an experiment the past couple days though, I have totally not washed my face for four days…I couldn’t tell you the last time I did that..and the results are pretty crazy actually. YES I do have some breakouts at the moment, but for not washing my face for that many days normally I would be in pain right now with giant colony volcano like puss fuckers growing on my face..but no..just these little whatevers that’ll probably be gone in a day or two. I actually only did the experiment so I could take this picture today and talk about my acne, but it’s not even bad enough to show up to much in this picture. How has having acne effected me? It hasn’t because I never let it. #EIB

Everyone is Beautiful




So after reading countless stories of people committing suicide and getting beaten to death or attacked in violent ways because they were different I sat down and started analyzing what I know of life as a whole is, and that if anything we should be grateful to even exist. I came to the realization that everyone is truly beautiful under the law of just how beautiful and mind blowing life naturally happened. No matter what you believe in, if you believe the story of life to be a beautiful process, then everything that came from life is beautiful. If you love life then you will see more things, if not everything as being beautiful, so that is where I’m going with this whole thing. Instead of pointing out the flaws and faults of a human being, point out the beautiful parts about them whether it be parts of their personality or their physical being or both.

So what I’ve decided I’m going to do is start posting pictures weekly of myself displaying a past or present insecurity, talking about how it either still bothers me or how I got over it/worked to get over it etc.. Also to talk about other people that inspired me to be more confident with my looks and why. I’m doing this to hopefully start a movement of people who want to press the beauty of our existence to everyone. I know to most people, this might seem kind of weird..taking selfie and talking about how much you love yourself?!?! Sounds kind of narcissitic doesn’t it?!?! Not at all, actually it’s pretty healthy if you take it at the right dosage. Going around saying how much better you are than everyone else and getting a rise out of being the dominant one is one thing, but understanding your greatness and also that it is not comparable to anyone else and same around means you have a great balance in your emotions and are content with yourself and where you are in life . You are no better nor worse than the person in front of you or behind you, but knowing that you are a beautiful product of nature and just even the fact that you can realize that thought is beautiful in itself. We often take life for granted but when you look into how we are here, what usually happens is you seem to get a little more open minded and let go of your little frustrations and grudges for a little bit. Some cases you even find yourself a little bit more giving. It’s because we are allowing ourselves to see the bigger picture, and when that is realized, all these little problems we have seem to not really hold as much weight as we originally thought. So why not always be conscious of where we are in this universe before we start getting down on ourselves or other people. It leaves so many profitable oppertunities available to become and live by.

My First #EIB

 I’ve always been the skinny kid all my life. When I was younger I thought wellll I’ll just naturally grow out of it like I saw all my other friends do. Never happened lol. Had parents thinking my mom wasn’t feeding me, people always bringing me food and whatnot. Honestly never got bullied for being skinny but girls would always say how I was too skinny and all that and so that’s when it really got to me, but there was always a point after thinking that I’m never going to be that poster looking buff dude that I was like well forget that, I’m still me and I can’t change this because of my natural habits that make me happy, I don’t really have the money for food half the time so why fret it so bad. Once I realized all this it’s like the glaze was taken off my eyes and I saw myself as a beautiful human being through and through, from that day on I have embraced my skinniness and made it my own. I no longer worry about being the skinny dude and more than anything love being the skinny dude. This is my first #EIB so if you want to do your own just hashtag #EIB and remember Everyone Is Beautiful!!